Tour Guides

We are aware of that a "tour guide" makes the difference.

Therefore, we are very selective with our guides and we work with ''professionals.'' All of them speak perfect English (other languages, upon request) and have official licenses given by Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism They all have effective communication skills, an impressive knowledge about the historical background of the archaeological sites and the national and international agenda. Each one knows the area as only locals do. They will keep your attention alive by explaining the local way of living, the history of what you are going to see during you trip in a friendly atmosphere – without being boring. They are willingly open to answer your questions about everything you wonder about.

Private Tours

It’s your own private tour and there are big advantages of being in a private group: 

  • Tour program can be customized to suit your preferences. We can adjust the schedule, duration and activities to meet your needs. You can contact our reservation department to add more or to skip some of destinations.
  • If you decide to make changes during the tour, you just need to inform your guide and he/she will do the best to response your needs if time and conditions permit. There is no pressure to do anything except what you would like to do. 

  • You avoid 40 people and you do not have to wait for long lines which helps you to save up your time. You will be able to spend as much or as little time as you wish at sights. Time is precious, especially when you are travelling by cruise.

  • You will have the private attention of your guide- this is the best part of travelling in a small group. 


''Think Global Eat Local''

We agree that ''food'' is an important part of a travel experience. Turkish cuisine is fusion food at its most extreme, with influences ranging from Middle-Eastern to Mediterranean to Balkan and even Central Asian. We definitely create opportunities for you to meet local people and to taste traditional Turkish food. Before tasting a local dish, your guide will explain what is it made of. There are a great variations of dishes in Turkish Cusine and we sure that you will try most of them first time in your life. If you want avoid crowded touristy open buffet restaurants, you should choose us. 


Our top priority is your safety

Our vehicles  (bus, minibus, private car according to your group’s size) are clean, roomy, air-conditioned and non-smoking. We also provide free bottled water in our vans.  You will feel safe with our driver’s professional and smooth driving.