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I am not necessarily the greatest admirer of ruins, but that made visiting Ephesus all the more special — an ultimate of its kind, with many pictures now home with us to keep our memories fresh.
Begum is an absolutely fabulous guide and a delightful person! Her English vocabulary exceeds many native born speaker, and she lacked nothing in the way of knowledge. We were with her for several days, actually, including Sirince and Priene. Ali, also mentioned by others, was our guide in Istanbul. Ersan, who manages the agency, arranged our 12-day tour from beginning to end (Capodocia was also part of it). We are 70/72 years old, though mobile and experienced travelers — but our trip was totally enhanced by the beginning to end service.
— Cliff Rosenthal
Traveled with a group of 30 seniors from India to Turkey. Ali was a fantastic guide and the memorable walk down the ancient city of Epehsus was an unforgettable experience for our group. Thank you Ali for making our trip to Turkey a huge success :-)
— Manjari Ashar
I went on the tour to Ephesus with the awesome (and handsome ;)) Ali as my guide. I could not ask for a better experience! To see the beautiful Ephesus and be guided throw the wounderfull history of it is just something everyone who visits Turkey should do.
Ali knows so much about the history of turkey and Ephesus and he told it in a really intressting and funny way. He could answere all our questions about Ephesus and Turkey.
Thanks to this day i learned so much more about Turkey and its culture then i ever have from just visiting holidayresorts.
If you are looking for that something extra, visit Ephesus and ask for Ali to be your guide! ;)
— Johanna Gustaffson
It has deep and Very much interesting ancient history behind the tour of Ephesus. I had the best tour guide with healthy knowledge throught out the trip. Tour guide plays an important role while visiting any historic place . Luckily I had one of the best guide to make me understand the story behind it so interestingly .
— Krunal Kansara
I am from Azerbaijan, some days ago I was in Ephesus with my friends.. As we know it is ancient and historical place of Turkey.. It was my childhood desire to be there, finally I realize it,, This trip was just amazing, our tour guide was Ali.. He is so bright and informed us about this place, Ali represented his country, history, culture decently..Me, my friends, generally our group were satisfied absolutely..If you don’t go to Ephesus tour yet, then don’t waste your time, I advise you sincerely!!! Certainly, we are thankful to our group guide Ali, it was just unforgettable and enchanting trip, thanks a lot !!!
— Nərgiz Qurbanova
Ali was an awesome tour guide during our visit of Ephesus. He was very detailed and expressive in his explanations and had a good feeling for the mood of us tourists. Quite rapidly he adapted to our interests and about what we wanted to know more or what was not that interesing to us...he had always a joke to tell and was gentle at any time. He fulfilled the ruins of Ephesus with life for us and I can highly recommend his tour through this beautiful ancient city!
— Mike Weber